La Boucle

Psychedelic electronic loops

Each action, each fact, repeated several times is composed and decomposed into interlocking loops. Haunting repetitions of actions, observations, natural or meaningless due to our lifestyles.

The Loop series incorporates this principle in sound form. A loop is a musical sequence intended to be repeated indefinitely. Whether it is a rhythmic, harmonic, or melodic part repeated in an obstinate manner, the result is a haunting musical or sonic base.

The Loop series incorporates this principle in sound form.

Each part comes to subordinate the previous one creating a space where beginning and end merge in confusion, creating an effect without common measures.

With a metronomic approach and an ascending construction, accumulating progressive rhythms and sonic elements, the loops reveal themselves as you listen and lose the listener in a field of sonic alliterations. The measures go round and round, and are enriched with surprising percussive and melodic elements.

The loops are the representations and emblem of the label. Instigating repetitions and surprising iterations.