Experimental DownTempo

Raw downtempo sound experiments

The Exp. downtempo series is a sub-genre of downtempo, extremely slow and massive, immersing the listener in a strange and terrifying universe. This collection is characterized by a martial rhythmic pattern, based on a man-made temporal concept: seconds.

A form of degenerative tekno, supporting a heavy and confusing ambient.

With an apocalyptic approach to music, reflecting the neurosis of a breathless society alienated by over-consumption and spectacle, these sounds push the listener into the recesses of his mind.

The mental aspect of these experiments and the hellish nature of its repetitive rhythmic pattern-the kick every second-conceptualize the loss of time passing, its flight and elusiveness.

Each piece in the collection is a harrowing march toward a programmed downfall of civilization, a long, forced journey through this fate, leading to resignation.

Some glimmers of hope emerging from the surrounding chaos are like a ray of sunshine in the heart of the hurricane.