Ambient Shit Posting

Ambient music is an out-of-frame medium of expression, with palpable borders and imprecise edges.

Atmospheric textures, beyond any rhythmic structure, connect the listener to a unique, rich and varied musical environment, meeting the boundaries of current music.

Ambient music floats in the air like fog, creating an evolving acoustic or electronic hue.

As a concept-free medium of expression, ambient pushes the boundaries of composition and musical listening, going beyond comforting sound fields.

Like the elusive codes of this sonic art, Ambient Shit Posting is intended to be a representation of the genre's infinite pluralities and the interpretations that can be had.

Minimalist and complex, the ASP series tells stories, sonic and musical ballads, at once terrifying or voluptuous, affirming authentic expression and strong emotions.

Representing feelings, between real and artificial, terror, mirth and satisfaction, ASP explore vast facets of ambient music.