La Boucle Records is a weblabel broadcasting experimental and electronic music.
It was created in 2019 by two producers (WD & ZP) who wanted to share their musical and video experiments.
“Boucle” means “Loop” in French, and is a musical concept which naturally gave the name of the label. Most of the label’s productions have this repetitive and psychedelic aspect.
The concept of the label is to produce series of sounds.
La Boucle is the label’s first series and gives it all of its essence. Ambiant ShitPosting and Experimental Downtempo were created shortly after.
Then a Lofi HipHop series is added to the list, it is also available for free download.
In September 2020 “Psyclone” from the group Vice Brigad released, it is the first EP of the label.
Since October 2020, a new track comes out every two days on our youtube channel.